Advance Machine Guarding – Lockout Course by the University of Cincinnati/Great Lakes OSHA Education Center

Jun 10, 2018

Course Topics

      Machine safeguarding

      OSHA standards and the utilization of consensus standards, ANSI, etc.

      New technology for basic safety circuit components

      Control Reliability




Jim Washam is a safety veteran with over 30 years’ experience with OSHA, and is a former member of several ANSI Committees. He served as OSHA’s Region V Machine Guarding and Lockout Coordinator assisting OSHA Solicitors in several OSHA regions by testifying as an expert witness in litigation cases. Jim also assisted OSHA’s Training Institute in Chicago, IL by developing and teaching courses for new OSHA Compliance Officers in machine guarding and lockout, including robotics, mechanical power presses, automated production systems, control reliability in safety circuits and applicable consensus standards.


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